So I changed my mind MORE STATS

As I was walking out of my classroom today, I grabbed the pile of papers, just in case, and brought them home.  Well my wife and I have been running some numbers since my kids have been in bed.  What an exciting life I have on a Friday night! 

Item #1  In post testing only two muliple choice questions were asked of both groups.  They read 

What was the Munich Conference? 

  1. The meeting where Germany demanded all of Czechoslovakia.
  2. The meeting where Britain and France offered Czechoslovakian Sudetenland to Germany.  (correct answer)
  3. The meeting where the Soviet Union suggested that Germany and the USSR divide Poland.
  4. The meeting where Hitler decided to invalde Poland in 1939.

Control Group Correct answers:  55.172%  Game Play Group  93.442%

Question 2:  What did the governments of Nazi Germany and the Communist Soviet Union have in common?

  1. They controlled all official media.
  2. People who disagreed with them were punished and sometimes killed.
  3. They wanted to control territory in Eastern Europe.
  4. All of the above. (correct answer)

Correct Answers Control Group:  72.413%  Game Play Group:  81.967

Item #2:  In both pre testing and post testing both groups were asked to list three reasons for the start of WWII with a brief explanation for each reason.  There is certainly more I can do with this one but as of right now… the Control Group  34.48% of students raised their score from the pre test to the post test.  As for the Game Play group:  67.21% of the students raised their score.

I am not a expert in statistics unless it has to do with points allowed by my defense on the Oak Hill Golden Eagle football team.  But what I am seeing here is the game players are doing better on assessment.  I will make mention of the fact that the control group scored very well on the multiple choice question about the similarities of the Nazi state and the Communist Russia question.  Why, I can only imagine that it came from class discussions that the game players did not get on the topic.  But that is really just a guess.   I certainly find the results of this very interesting.  I will have more comments next week and maybe some more analysis of data. 

Oh, and by the way, The Mighty German Dictator from yesterday emerged from his dark bunker to find that France had essentially run out of troops and the Nazi flag was still flying.  Luckily for me the scenario ended before the UK could finish what they had started which was the anihilation of their teacher and the German State.


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