Quotes from Students

These quotes are from the game play group.  They were asked after the game play to write on the difficulties of leadership and the qualities that a leader should have.

Male Student 1:  “It’s a lot of responsibility being the leader of a country.  you have a lot of things to pay attention to.  You have to keep the economy up, make it grow if possible.  you have to build your military:  armies, naval fleets, and air force.  In order to do that you have to raise taxes and spend less money on other projects such as education, unemployment, health, and industry.  While doing all these things you have to keep everyone happy.  Which was by far the hardest thing to do in this game.”

Male Student 2:  “The greatest quality is education.  With proper knowledge, a leader can cause a country to prosper while at war.  One of the greatest difficulties is appealing to every wish of the citizens of your country.  Another quality is a good staff.  If a leader is not kept up to date on the issues surrounding him/her, he is not fit to make proper decisions to benefit the people as well as the country.  Another great difficulty is monetary issues.  proper tax levels as well as the spread of spending levels is essential to the support a country’s leader receive.”

Female Student 1:  “There was so much to worry about as the leader of a country.  There was always something to do and something that needed to be fixed.  It was pretty much impossible to keep everyone happy.  Being the leader of a country you have to be very patient and try not to get too stressed.  You have to think about what is best for your country and the outcome of things.”

Female Student 2:  “To be a leader you have to have a lot of patience because it takes a lot of time to make a country prosper.  Also, you need to have good morals and a sense of mercy and justice.  Hitler didn’t have those (and neither did a boy in class LOL) so they both had a lot of countries who were really mad at them.  you also need to have charisma so you can win the support of your people and other countries.  One of the things that was really difficult in the game was trying to keep everyone happy.  In order to raise wages, you had to take money from health or education, etc.  It was also hard to figure out what it would take in order for another country to accept our agreement.”

Reading what students say on paper after the game is great.  I believe the thoughts expressed in these four examples show the depth of understanding that can come from the use of a tool such as a computer game.  Can I achieve this level with out a game?  Sure I can.  People have been doing it for years.  But I would also like to say that 100 years ago we all rode horses to the general store.  I can still get there by horse today but the car is much better.  These times…..they are a changin.


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