Hard Stats on Geography Scores

I am finally getting caught up on the paper work and getting some real numbers.  Here is what I have in terms of stats from the geography quiz.  Students were given a pre test.  I handed them a blank map of 1938 Europe and said fill it out and you can get a maximum of 15 points.  1 point per country that is correctly labled.  The same process was followed for the post test.  I used the same map and did not tell kids in either group that they would be retested on geography.  They did know a post test was coming but they were not told what was to be on it. 

So the control group has 29 students in it.  To be counted in the stats a student had to be present for both the pre and the post.  I had several who were not in that category so their scores were dropped.  The control group’s score on the post test dropped by .103 points.  Also only 44.8% of the control group scores went up on the post test.

The game play group consists of 61 students.  Their post test scores were up 2.017 points from the pre test.  Also, 73.7% of the group saw their scores go up.  The game play group had some significant increases in individual scores as well.  Tops was a +12, then a +10 and a +9.  The control group’s largest increase was a +3 followed by several +2’s.

If someone has an interest in another part of the geography section please just leave a comment.  I will try to post anything I can that is of interest.  I have some other questions that are not done yet and it is Friday and is 4:15PM.  I am heading home to play with my kids, grill some burgers, have a cold drink and kiss my wife.  I probably won’t touch this stuff again till Monday.  Have a good weekend….I plan to!!


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