Some Data From my game playing group

First I have to admit that I have too much information and not enough time in the day to pour over all of this.  It is certainly interesting and I am working on all of it but the paper trail is long and arduous.  Anyway, not hard stats here just general statments.  In the game play group-geography retention is up.  Generally scores are jumping up 2-4 points.  Looking at the maps students are generally picking up the countries that are played in “The Politics of Appeasement.”  Also, scores are going up in the question of “name three causes of WWII.”  In the pre test students sometimes mixed in WWI information.  That is essentially gone from the post test.  Also, a fair amount of students put Germany invading Poland–which is obviously is true but not covered in the game scenario that we played.  Students are picking that up from classroom discussions that we had about when WWII really started versus when it started in the game.  Also students had two multiple choice questions on the post test.  1.  asking to identify what happened in the Munich conference and the other question was to identify similar aspects of Nazi Germany and Communist Russia.  Students generally performed very well on those two questions.  Students also had a pre writing about WWII and then a post writing.  Those writings are very difficult to express in terms of hard data.  Part of the writings were to describe the qualities of leadership and the difficulties in leading.  The answer that students wrote before game play were simple and shallow.  Many students answers after play were considerably more thought provoking.

I will post more as I get some data crunched!


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