Some Early Results

I have been busy today grading some post test.  Let me say that I have stacks and stacks of paper on my desk.  Somebody should be able to figure out some interesting things from all of this.  I hope I can…….Anyway, I have been grading the geography portion of the test.  The post test was exactly the same as the pre.  Same map/same directions.  Students knew a post test was coming but I did not give details as to what was on it.  Here are some results from one class.  19 students took both the pre and the post test and here is how each did on the same geography section.  The number is the difference of their score on the pre test compared to their post test.

  1. +3
  2. +3
  3. +3
  4. +2
  5. +1
  6. +3
  7. +2
  8. -1
  9. +1
  10. +7
  11. -2
  12. 0
  13. 0
  14. -1
  15. +2
  16. +10
  17. +9
  18. +2
  19. +2

This is much as I thought it would be.  I found the same things last year when we played but I did not pre test them.  I will post more as I get them done today.


One response to “Some Early Results

  1. Wow, so 80% of the students increased their geography scores. That’s pretty impressive. Were there trends in which countries students did or didn’t identify? After playing Politics of Appeasement did Czechoslovakia’s recognition go up?

    Dave, thanks for crunching the numbers and posting them!

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