Debriefing and Writing

Now that we are back at school I finally get to spend some quality time with my students talking about the game.  First, we discussed the real history of 1938-39 Europe.  Making sure students walk away with an understanding that the conflict of the Sudetenland did not immediately lead to WWII.  During those discussions we talked about why the USSR and France did not honor their treaties with the Czechs.  It was a good discussion.  Which then lead us to a discussion that if Europe would not have used “the politics of appeasement” what might have happened?  This scenario did play out in a couple of the games and Germany was soundly defeated in their quest for the Sudetenland.  The discussions were good.  When the discussion was approaching somthing that seemed like school work, I ended it.  One of the great things about using a game in the class is that kids look at it as a game.  I don’t hide the fact that they are expected to learn from the process, but if I approach it right our discussions are about the game–not history class.  The mentality is different and those students who shut down in a discussion will gladly talk about the game. 

Second-the post test is coming up tomorrow.  I am still finalizing what the students will see on the test.  Also, after our discussion today, I then gave students a writing assignment.  This writing is also an important part of the post play assessment.  Kids are writing about three prompts.

  1. Was WWII inevitable?  Please explain your answer.
  2. If you could change the outcome of The Munich Converence-what would you do to try to bring peace to Europe?
  3. After playing Making History-now describe the qualities it takes to lead a country and explain the difficulties that a leader faces.

All answers are opinion and students can recieve full credit for following simple rules.  Write in complete sentences.  This is not a time for text message jargon.  Also, fully explained answers are required for full credit.


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