Today is another no school day for us.  We have had a 4 day weekend due to the mild winter that Indiana had and the fact our calendar puts make up weather days on a Friday/Monday around Easter.  It has made for a nice little break. 

I am working on my post test but I may have to delay it a day.  I have a good friend whose mother passed away on Saturday so the arrangements for her will probably cause me to miss a bit of school.

With that being said, I am excited to post test and see what kids are picking up.  I fully expect students to perform better on geography.  I also think the causes of the war will be more aparent to them and probably stick better than with the control group.  Time will tell.

I was out over the weekend looking at COTS games.  I was trying to find something that could potentially be used in my class.  I haven’t had any luck as of now but any suggestions would be welcome.  Civ is a possibility but I think much too difficult to integrate quickly and easily in my class.  Sim City is also a possibility but again too time consuming.  Maybe that is just me though.  I can’t play a sim game of that nature and not want to play for hours on end.

Check back in a couple of days and I should have a post test report.


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