Day 3 Thoughts Group Dynamics

Today things got exciting.  One game had Germany taking the Sudetenland by force and feeling pretty good about themselves.  But low and behold the Red Army from USSR was on her way to aid the Czechs.  It is certainly not over yet but it appears that Czech, Russia, France, Great Britain and their other allies have the upper hand.  Germany was too aggressive for the leaders of the USSR.  I guess the Hitler/Stalin Pact meant nothing to the Russians.  It was great fun to see the Germans realize that their newly acquired Sudetenland had turned RED on the map.  They looked at me and said what happened.  I must say I enjoyed saying “Looks like Russia had a problem with that.” 

Anyway, I was really posting to write about the group dynamics that are starting to develop.  Some groups are getting along very well.  They all seem to be on the same page as to what they want to accomplish.  Those groups seem to be doing well in the accomplishment of their goals.  Other groups are bickering.  Some of the bickering students are disengaging themselves from the game because “their team doesn’t listen to them.”  I remind them to stay involved and remember that next turn the mouse is in your hand, giving you ultimate power.  That helps keep them in it.  The correlation between real world politics, where some voices carry more weight than others is a good one here and we talked about that.  We also talked about what happenend in real life vs. the game today a bit.  The time line in all the games reads 1938.  In one of my games the USA has declared war on Germany.  I told kids they should be proud for dragging the US into the war at such an early stage.  In real life we managed to stay out until Dec. 1941.  Kids laughed and took it as a badge of honor in a demented kind of way. 

We did utilize the turn timer today.  Set at 10 minutes.  A turn in the game will end at 10 minutes no matter if a team is still trying to accomplish something or not.  One group was in a panic the last 45 seconds of a turn.  They were trying to get a treaty sent to an possible friend.  The pressure got to them and they screwed it up and didn’t get it sent but they had a great laugh about it.


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