Money, Money, Money

This is an interesting thing.  When my classes Beta tested Making History for Muzzy Lane last year the beta version had a line for money in the bank for a country.  I think through all of their testing they decided that with the money being visable on the main play screen that too many kids were focusing on money issues for their country.  Therefore, Muzzy Lane took the money line off the screen.  Well, after two days of playing it is amazing to me how many groups are overly concerned about the money.  Kids have clicked around and experiemented while they are playing and found the information about how much their individual countries are in debt.  My number one question today probably dealt with “how do I fix this problem Mr. McDivitt?” 

 Already we have been having some good discussion during game play.  Issues of how difficult it is to run a country.  Issues of you make one group happy by let’s say raising taxes and another group gets angry.  One thing is for certain after two days of game play.  Kids love it……..oh and they have no patience!


One response to “Money, Money, Money

  1. Dave – this is useful and enlightening reading (speaking as a Making History game designer!) Interesting to hear $ is still a big focus. Perhaps students have more exposure to “personal finance” budgets, and national finance concepts (that countries can run wtih a deficit) seems abstract.

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