Day 1 of Game Play

Day one of game play is now over.  Like one would imagine my day started with some technical difficulties that were my fault for not checking into.  Monitor displays need to be set at 1024.  While this seems like a very minor problem and easy to fix.  Students that are logged in do not have the ability to change the settings of the computer.  So instead of a 30 second fix by each kid it took 20 minutes to fix.  They had to log off and then I logged on to each computer to change the setting so we could play.  Besides that one issue the first day went great.  Kids were having fun.  I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off.  DON’T ever think that the teacher is going to sit down and take it easy on something like this.  My day is much easier if I stay in my room and do the same ol’ stuff.  Anyway, kids are already making deals in the hallway,  but the scoring feature of the game keeps students stay close to their goals most of the time.  Tomorrow will be a lot more fun.  Kids understand now how to play, understand the interface a bit more, and since they had their hands on it their excitement level has grown.


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