Geography Stats

A couple of considerations about the geography.  Frist, I had a few students have trouble orientating themselves with the map I used for the geography portion of the quiz.  Some had trouble identifying what was land and what was water.  But once we had started the testing we just rolled with the punches.  I will use the same map for the post test but next year I may need to find a map that is easier for students to see the differences between land and water.   Second, at my school kids take a geography course in 7th grade.  Of course geography is important in all history courses but a two year lay off from geography may be a variable in this as well.  And third, I had several students not even attempt the map.  They tend to be the same students who don’t try on much of anything, including the question that was simply an opinion and all students got points for an attempted answer.  On to the data.  I had 93 kids take the pre test.  (had a good number absent Friday, call it Spring Fever here in Indiana)  The average score on the geography portion of the test was a 5.387 out of 15.  Here is how the scores broke down.

15- 6 students

14- 4 students

13- 0 students

12-2 students

11- 2 students

10- 4 students

9- 4 students

8-5 students

7-3 students

6-7 students

5-8 students

4-6 students

3-11 students

2-8 students

1-13 students

0-8 students (some never even attempted the map)

Feel free to post some questions about this data or what else you would like to see.  I have all tests scored but not all the data is broken down yet.  I have other things on my plate this weekend.  Birthday parties for family members, church, and I still have to make my teams up for game play…..that starts tomorrow. 


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