Pre Testing is complete!

Today we took the pre test.  I brought the papers home with me this weekend to grade them. Wow, after 12 years of teaching I rarely bring papers home on the weekend, but I am excited to grade these.  I must be sick!  It will certainly be interesting to see how they did.  I will say that the one part of the pre test was a map of 1938 Europe.  Kids could lable as many countries as they possibly could and earn one point per correct country.  I had stuff all over the place.  The range on this one is going to be huge.  Some kids filled the entire map in.  Others really put nothing on the map.  NOTHING.  Man that is frustrating!  But we shall see how the post test goes on the geography.  Game play begins on Monday for 3 of my 5 classes.  Somehow I had problems scheduling the other two sections of history in the lab;-)  I guess they will serve as my control group.  The control group will be approximately 45 kids.  65 or so will be playing next week.  The fun has begun!!


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