A look at my pre-test

Take a look at the pre test that I gave in class on Friday.  I put this together with the help of a few people from Muzzy Lane.  Since they have an interest in this data they were more than willing to help me.  On the back of the questions was a blank map of 1938 Europe that students could label.  1 point per correct country labeled with a max of 15 points.  I have graded about 75% of the pre test as of noon EDT.  When I finish them and run some stats I will post them.  I can tell you the range on the map is 0 has been the low and 15 has been the high.  I won’t guess about averages at this point but it is rather disgusting to see a student label Switzerland–Iraq.  Guess I have to take some of that blame but GOOD NIGHT.  It is no wonder the world thinks we are stupid!

1. Fill out the map on the back side of this paper. Label as many countries correctly as possible. (1pt per correct country; maximum of 15)

2. Does geography influence history? (Choose One–NO POINTS)
a. Geography is a MAJOR influence on history.
b. Geography has SOME influence on history.
c. Geography is a NEUTRAL factor on history.
d. Geography has LITTLE influence on history.
e. Geography has NO influence on history.

3. From classroom discussions list THREE causes of WWII and explain each. (3pts each)



4. Answer the following questions in complete sentences: What skills does it take to lead a country? Also, what responsibilities does a leader have? Responsibilities to think about are to their people, to the world, to peace. (Answer is an opinion and full credit given for well thought out answers 5 points)

5. Rate your interest in WWII history. (choose one—NO POINTS)
a. I am interested.
b. I am somewhat interested.
c. I am neutral.
d. I am somewhat disinterested.
e. I am not interested at all.


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