Pre Testing

Pre testing is set up for this Friday.  With the help of some colleagues I think we have a good pre test that will give us some good data.  All 5 sections of my history classes will take the same pre test.  At the end of the unit the post test will have some differences between the control group and the group playing.  However, the main points of the post test will be the same.  When all of this is said and done I will post the tests on this site and let all who read be the judge of this informal study.


One response to “Pre Testing

  1. Hey Dave!

    This is a great idea. Studies like this can be included in meta-analysis. Include all the normal stuff (SES, sample size, blah blah blah…). I can’t WAIT to see the results!

    Shoot me an email, I lost your address.

    Might have an opportunity to use Muzzy Lane stuff.



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