ipods They have to go?

One thing my school has been mulling over is the possible banishment of ipods and other mp3 players.  Students love to listen to them in study hall, lunch, the hall during passing period, and in class when teachers give the okay.  Some of the concerns are valid.  Students listening to their ipod during passing period may not hear announcements over the PA or worst case, they may not hear a fire alarm or tornado alarm.  I guess the hundreds of people running from the building or for cover wouldn't be a clue….but I digress…….I don't understnad why schools are so difficult to accept new technology.  Two years ago no one cared if a kid brought a portable cd player to school.  But ipods…..good night……this could end the educational process.  I am going to write a proposal for a grant for 25 grand.  I want to turn my social studies room into a a social studies room with laptops.  I know some people will think my mother dropped me on my head when I was a baby…….several times…….but I have to step up to the plate and swing for the fence.  Even a fat, bald, 30 something year old guy will hit a grand slam occasionally…just ask Barry Bonds.  I will just have to do it with out the juice.


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