Pre and Post Testing

Right now one of the things I am working on is getting some pre test and post testing options available.  I want the hard data to present to people who are interested in using games.  I almost want to keep one of my classes from the experience of playing the game and pre and post test them as well.  However, I don’t think I could survive the social pressure of a bunch of upset teenagers because all of their friends got to play a computer game and a select few did not.  I think the remaining weeks of school would be a bit cold.


2 responses to “Pre and Post Testing

  1. Hmmmm. Its great to hear students are so excited about something the’re doing for a class.Could you follow the “standard ” cucrriculum with one or two sections, then conduct the post test, and have them play the game after they’ve fulfilled the role of control group?

  2. You bring up an interesting point. I have pondered your suggestion and both before I read your post and after. The gathering of hard data from a control group would absolutely be fascinating. I will reconsider.

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