Introduction to my story

Just seems like I should start by telling this story.  I visited NCSS in Baltimore in 2004 and I met Nick deKanter from Muzzy Lane.  Muzzy Lane was in the final stages of development of a history simulation, Making History, targeted for high schools and university level students.  They asked me to take part in the beta testing of the game with my classes.  I obviously accepted the offer.  Since then I have been working with Muzzy Lane and my classes using the software.  The experience has been incredible.  I will post several links to stories that have been published about the experience.  Much to my surprise, I seemed to be on the cutting edge of using games in the classroom.  The excitement that I have for use of games is not shared by all educators.  Change is difficult but it can certainly be good.  Since the intial testing of the game, Muzzy Lane has continued to refine and polish the game and it keeps getting better.  I have also been a speaker at GLS in Madison Wisconsin in the summer of 2005 and I recently returned from speaking at Serious Games Summit @ GDC in San Jose California.  Through these experiences I have met a tremendous amount of exciting people that are involved in various projects.  The future looks exciting.


One response to “Introduction to my story

  1. Hey David!

    Great design, and good start! I especially like the powerpoint presentation.

    Keep up the great work!


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